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Education Consultancy and International Diplomatic Institute is purely free. In the field of Education consultancy, the only service that costs are practice interviews and Visa related queries. 

This company is made to help people into transitioning into a better life, therefore we have made education consultancy, immigration and Personal claims fields. But we realised that most people who want to become leaders study in the UK and therefore, we have made branches for that in our company. 

This is not a service that we offer but if you request such service, we can attempt to check whether we can help.  

We aim to answer all immigration queries, our service is cost effective as we have been successful in our cases, with leaders in the field, we can support with the new point-based immigration system that is being implemented as well as EU settlement issues. We also have expertise in the field of visas for those who already reside in the UK but need checks and improvement on their documents. 

For the fairness of services, we understand that certain services occur costs and that may not provide insurance for you, We are not responsible for any payments made to the university and cannot return insure any payments to third party. We aim to refund at least 60% (of the payment made to us) that was made to us in cases of visa being refused, you could be granted more depending on how much the work has cost the company.

For other services such as interviews, we will refund 80-90% (of what was paid to us) of the cost if the student is refused on this stage. 

Please note that our service has been used and we do not have any legal need to refund you parts of the payments made to us but we work ethically and try to lead the field and that is why we support you when you cannot. 

This company is built in the covid times, we seen the need to support others and we did so at our own risk. If you need information in regards to the company, please contact us. 

All the company staff are respected graduates of the top 10% universities in the world. Our expertise are in the field of business, education, legal and international relations. 

We work in partnership Anchor Legal and supply them with legal cases when there is a need for a solicitor, however, we will always inform you before we forward your information to them. 

Without the support of a consultant or a lawyer, a bigger percentage of cases fail. Our service ensures that you do not suffer the costs without gains. We are experts in the field and supportive in our domains and if you are not sure whether you are likely to be accepted, get in contact with us and learn more before making a decision. 

It is the top nation for education, the top 2/3 best universities are in the UK and leading in the top 10 with a nation of relatively small population, safer than other nations and diverse. 

It is the best. 

Through having enough articles that we can offer to nations that need it, we can ensure that diplomacy is flourishing. If your article is one of those, you could be offered a job in order to lead communication. We cannot keep CVs but can keep email and name with the document of work for the purpose of contacting you in this regards. 

Yes, As this is a philanthropy, we have kept it out of our site. As Lebanon could be in need for a new transition, we offered to build parties based on each persons skills and needs so we can have a database of those who want to go for elections while building new political parties. 

The people who are funding this business are doing it for the purpose of helping people transition, with our services and through referrals, our company is sustainable. 

I have worked with many companies on sites and SEOs. Thus far, only this company has been close to perfection. I Highley recommend their services and reliable system, if you want your company to work, use them. It is a company based in Netherlands, Rotterdam, worth it. 

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