For a peaceful future

International Diplomatic Institute


The aim of the International diplomatic institute is to develop a style of communication whereby states communication can always lead to development, peace and economic prosperity, the drive to further carry this plan is for the purpose of minimising conflict in all its forms and build relations upon which states can mutually benefit regardless of the size, military power or resources.

The aim is to first launch the Diplomatic Institute by teaching those who will be the next generations’ leaders. We are aiming to provide subscription and database of which they can benefit in learning from and add their knowledge into.

State Transition

We aim to use our developed research in order to support nations in decision making, If you would like to read some of our founders’ work, please click here 

International Diplomatic Institute

We aim to develop a platform to improve international relations between nations, this can succeed through providing different research and working on improving the current world order, this starts with you, Please email us on in order for us to see how we can support, publish or use your research to help other nations

Please note that all documents are subject to being reviewed before being published on our site
If you already have prepared your work and looking to publish in any of our platforms, please email

Open Diplomacy

This platform is one of many that aims to improve peaceful relations, it is also clearly aimed at those who are wanting to grow within the field, please enjoy their site and contribute to our or their knowledge.