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For a brighter future - Education in the UK - apply to university through Janus Global

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We assess each student the application to the University until the CAS is provided, further advice can then be given to increase the chance of acceptance to the UK.

If you need support for education in the UK and want to learn more on how to apply to UK university, Janus Global can help you to look for the right university for you and make the choice you need, we will walk with you through the process and act as your agent to support your application. 

Education consultancy for overseas students

Welcoming you to the UK

To help the future of our students, we aim to please our students by giving the best and brightest a platform to publish their work in certain fields, we are supportive in this regards, as this research will benefit the world in turn. We look at past and future plans by offering outstanding guidance and support. 

Apply to university through Janus Global if you are interested to learn more about Education in the UK 

EU Students - apply to University in the UK

EU students have simple and fewer requirements to study in the UK, If you are an EU student looking to come to the UK, let us help you find the best solution for you, we are also happy to see whether we are able to offer immigration advice for students with EU Settlements concerns. To learn more, you can check the UKVI site.